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Amalgam Filling Side Effects: What London's Top Dentists Want You to Know

With its rich medical advancements history, London consistently emerges as a forerunner in global healthcare trends. Ever vigilant of evolving research and patient well-being, the dental community has recently been engrossed in discussions about amalgam fillings. At our practice, we believe in arming our patients with knowledge, and here's what the city's leading dentists want you to understand about amalgam filling side effects.

A Brief Overview of Amalgam

Historically celebrated for its durability, amalgam has been a staple in dental fillings for over a century. It’s a mixture of metals, including silver, tin, and copper, with mercury as a binding agent. However, it's the mercury component that has garnered concern.

Potential Side Effects of Amalgam Fillings

Over time, amalgam fillings can release small amounts of mercury vapour, particularly when subjected to everyday wear and tear activities like chewing. This extended exposure to mercury vapours can harm vulnerable groups, such as children and pregnant women. Moreover, there have been instances where individuals exhibit allergic reactions to the metals in amalgam, with symptoms like skin rashes. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the silver-grey hue of amalgam fillings can be a noticeable contrast against natural teeth, making them visible when one laughs or speaks — not an ideal choice for those aiming for a seamless smile. Additionally, there's a structural concern: As the years go by, amalgam fillings have the potential to expand, which can sometimes result in cracked or weakened teeth.

London's Proactive Response

In light of these concerns, many of London’s top dental practices, including The Bespoke Dentist, are pivoting towards safer, more aesthetically pleasing filling alternatives like composite resins and porcelain. The shift represents a commitment to patient health, aesthetics, and the holistic approach of modern dentistry.

Empowered Choices with The Bespoke Dentist

Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment. At The Bespoke Dentist, we're dedicated to informing each patient, enabling them to make choices that align with their health goals and values. If you're contemplating the future of your fillings or seeking a fresh perspective on dental care, our doors are always open. Let’s navigate the path to optimal oral health together.

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