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Zoom Teeth Whitening

A luminous smile signifies health and assurance. However, due to factors like diet, ageing, smoking, and some medications, teeth can lose their natural brightness. Our teeth whitening service revives that lost shine, offering a fresh and youthful smile.

The Bespoke Dentist, London enhances smiles through top-tier services like the Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment. This advanced treatment caters to those aiming for a holistic brighter and more confident smile.

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Zoom: A Holistic Whitening Solution

Distinct from other whitening solutions, Zoom Teeth Whitening is efficient and swift. Using a specialised light-activated gel, this advanced process can noticeably whiten teeth in a single session, merging safety and speed.

The Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure starts with an oral examination to evaluate if it’s right for you. Once confirmed, the teeth are prepared and the Zoom gel applied, which, when activated with light, brightens the teeth in about 45 minutes.

Zoom Teeth Whitening vs. Whitening Trays

Navigating teeth whitening options often leads to two popular choices: Zoom Teeth Whitening and at-home whitening trays. Each boasts distinct benefits.

The Bespoke Dentist's holistic Zoom Teeth Whitening provides rapid, noticeable results in a single session, overseen by professionals. Its holistic approach promotes overall well-being, and its effects typically last longer with the right aftercare.

Conversely, while whitening trays are favored for their convenience, extended use can come with potential downsides. Over time, this can lead to heightened sensitivity and discomfort, affecting one's overall oral health.

Whether you are seeking immediate results with Zoom or the adaptability of trays, The Bespoke Dentist is here to guide you to your ideal whitening solution.

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Ready for a Brighter Smile?

Choosing The Bespoke Dentist means putting your smile in expert hands. Our blend of attentive care and modern technology guarantees a satisfying whitening experience. Book your Zoom Teeth Whitening consultation today and step towards a gleaming smile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results of teeth whitening last?

The effects of teeth whitening can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending largely on your habits. Consuming staining agents like coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco can decrease the longevity of the results.

How is professional teeth whitening different from over-the-counter kits?

Professional teeth whitening, administered by a dentist, typically uses stronger bleaching agents and often includes protective measures to prevent the bleaching agent from harming the gums. Over-the-counter kits contain a milder bleaching agent and may take longer to show results.

Can everyone benefit from teeth whitening?

While many people benefit from teeth whitening, it may not be effective for everyone. Yellowish teeth usually bleach well, but brownish or grayish teeth might not respond as positively. Caps, veneers, crowns, or fillings also don't bleach.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Costs can vary depending on the method used. Professional in-office whitening tends to be more expensive than take-home kits or over-the-counter products. It's best to consult with a dentist for specific pricing.

How often can I whiten my teeth?

The frequency of teeth whitening treatments varies based on the method used and individual needs. Over-whitening can lead to tooth sensitivity and damage to the enamel. It's essential to follow the product recommendations and consult with a dental professional to determine the best frequency for your circumstances.

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